Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
93 Diagon Alley

Canary Creams:
--a delicious custard tart that turns your friends into large yellow birds.

Extendable Ears:
--an easy way of obtaining the information you need from behind closed doors and windows.

Headless Hats:
--something for bad-hair days or when it's wiser not to show your face.

Portable Swamp:
--an instant garden pond, swimming area for your crocodile, or barrier to keep solicitors away from your door.

Skiving Snackbox:
--a convenient collection of ready-made excuses for avoiding annoying and boring periods in your life.

Ton-Tongue Toffees:
--sweet caramel taste that results in a tongue a dragon would be proud to own.

Weird Wands:
--tin parrots and rubber halibuts, wonderful to hand to "friends" as they enter an examination.

WildFire Whiz-Bangs:
--an assortment of rockets, sparklers, Catherine wheels, explosions, flashes & creatures that will enliven any day.

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