Animagusa wizard who can transfigure into an animal at will. The animal is fixed in the process of becoming an Animagus.
Apparateto teleport between two places by magic
Azkabanthe island prison for wizards guarded by dementors.
Beauxbatons AcademySouthern European school for wizards. Madame Olympe Maxime, Headmistress.
Charmmagic that involves an incantation and a wand
Cursea severe Hex
Durmstrang InstituteNortheastern European school for wizards. Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster. [cf. Sturm und drang - storm and stress - 18th century German literary movement]
Mirror of Eriseda magical mirror that shows any one looking into it their deepest desire.
Floo Powdera powder that has been Charmed to enable people to move from one fireplace to another that are both on the designated magic network
Foe-Glassa magical mirror that shows any enemies that are near it, seeing through walls and disguises.
Goblet of Fireenchanted wooden cup that selects champions for the Triwizard Tournament
Gubraithian Firea Charm that causes an object to burn with an everlasting fire
Healera wizard trained in healing magical and mundane injuries or diseases with magic
Hexa negative Charm involving an incantation and a wand
Howlera magical red letter that reproduces the voice of the sender at extremely high volume and bursts into flame
Invisibility Cloaka light-weight, silvery hooded cloak that will hide a person wearing it from view. It woven from the hair of the Demiguise. Dementors and a few devices can see through the disguise.
Jinxgenerally the same as Hex, but includes objects that have a negative Charm placed on them
Legilimencythe ability to extract emotions and memories from another person's mind. It normally requires eye contact.
Marauder's Mapa detailed map of Hogwarts that shows all of the passages and tracks all of the people on the Hogwarts' grounds
Metamorphmagus  a wizard born with the ability to change their appearance at will
Mudbloodderogatory - a wizard with Muggle parents
Mugglea person with no connection to the world of magic
Mugwump"great man" [Massachusetts Algonquin word]
N.E.W.T.Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test [A-Level] final examination for advanced courses
Occlumencythe discipline that is used to shield one's mind against intrusion from Legilimency
O.W.L.Ordinary Wizarding Level [O-Level] final examination for standard courses
Parselmoutha wizard who can talk to snakes
Pensieveenchanted stone basin used for storing and sorting memories
Philosopher's Stonemagical device created by the alchemist Nicolas Flamel that transmuted base metals to gold and is required in the preparation of the Elixer of Life
Portkeyany object that has been Charmed enabling one or more people to teleport to a particular destination
Put-Outera magical device designed to turn Muggle lighting on and off remotely
Priori Incantatema rare effect that results when two wands with the same core are forced to battle each other. The effect is the same as the Prior Incantato Charm.
Revealera magical device designed to reveal hidden writing
Sneakoscopea magical device designed to warn of deception or nearby enemies
Sorcerer's Stonesee Philosopher's Stone
Sorting Hatthe hat of founder Godric Gyffindor that has been Charmed to decide which of the four houses is proper for the new students at Hogwarts
SpellotapeWizards' sellotape/scotch tape
Splincha failed attempt at apparating that results in the body being split between the starting point and the destination
Squibderogatory - the child of wizards with no magical talent
Time-Turnera magical amulet shaped like an hourglass that permits the wearer to travel back in time one hour at a turn
Transfigurationtransforming an object into something else by magic
Triwizard Tournamenta quinquennial magical competition among champions selected from the students at Beauxbatons Academy, Durmstrang Institute, and Hogwarts School
WizengemotHigh Court of British witches and wizards [cf. witenagemot - early Anglo-Saxon national council]

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Bezoarstone from a goat's stomach, protection against most poisons
Boil Removal Potiona concoction of boiled horned slugs, dried nettles, crushed snake fangs, and porcupine quills that heals skin eruptions
Elixer of Lifethe ultimate potion designed to cure all illnesses and injuries and postpone death. The preparation requires the Philosopher's Stone.
Draught of the Living Death  powdered asphodel in an infusion of wormwood inducing a coma
Essence of Murtlapa solution of strained pickled murtlap tentacles that reduces pain and promotes healing for small injuries and cuts
Draught of Peacea solution of powdered moonstone and hellbore that reduces anxiety
Pepperup Potioncold/flu remedy
Polyjuice Potiona complex mixture involving adding shredded boomslang skin and powdered bicorn horn to a decoction of lacewing flies, leeches, fluxweed, and knotgrass. The final ingredient is a bit of the individual you wish to become. The potion turns you into another individual for an hour.
Restorative Draughta mandrake-based potion for overcoming deep comas
Shrinking Solutiona mixture of daisy roots, shrivelfig, catapillars, and leech juice that causes growth regression in living things
Skele-Gro Potionregrows missing bones
Veraserumthe most powerful truth drug available. Brewing is tied to the lunar cycle.
Wit Sharpening Potiona concoction of crushed scarabs, minced ginger roots, and armadillo bile used to increase ability to concentrate
Wolfsbane Potionenables a werewolf to maintain control during a full moon. Essentially a decoction of wolfsbane (monkshood/aconite) that has been diluted and controlled to target the wolf tendencies, rather than simply killing the werewolf.

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Acciosummons an object
Alohomoraunlocks doors and windows
Avisproduces small birds
Colloportuslocks doors and windows
Densaugeocauses swelling
Diffindosevering Charm
Engorgioenlarges an object
Ennervatecounters Stupefy
Evanescogeneral purpose vanishing spell
Expecto patronumproduces an animal-shaped silver patronus that chases away dementors
Ferulabinds a wound
Finito Incantatemnullifies many Charms
Flagrateplaces a glowing mark on an object
Furnunculuscauses boils
Incarcerousbinds a person or animal with ropes
Impedimentaslows or obstructs a person or animal
Imperviusrepels water
Legilimensinitiates Legilimency
Locomotorlevitates and moves inanimate objects
Locomotor MortisLeg-Locker, binds the legs together
Lumosturns wand into a light source
Mobilicorpusgives control over body of unconscious person
Morsmordrecauses the Dark Mark to appear
Noxcounters Lumos
Obliviateerases memory
Orchideousproduces flowers
Petrificus Totaluscauses a person's body to become rigid
Point mecauses a free swinging wand to point North
Portuscreates a Portkey
Prior Incantatoforces second wand to reveal its last action
Protegodeflects Charms, a shield
Quietuscounters Sonorus
Reduciocounters Engorgio
Reductoblasts objects
Relashioshoots sparks
Reparorepairs broken objects
Riddikulusdestroys boggarts
Serpensortiacauses a snake to appear
Silenciomutes voices
Sonorusamplifies the voice
Stupefystuns people and animals
Tarantallegraforces dancing
Waddiwasiremoves gum wads
Wingardium Leviosa  levitates an object

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Unforgivable Curses


Imperius CurseImperiogives control of a person's mind
Cruciatus CurseCruciosubjects a person to extreme pain
Killing CurseAvada Kedavrakills

Anyone who uses one of these three curses is subject to a penalty of life imprisonment at Azkaban.

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Using Charms requires the proper words, a functioning wand, and the proper mental state. If the words are not pronounced properly, if the wand doesn't function properly, or if the mental image isn't clear, the best one can hope for is that nothing will happen. More often than not something unpredictable, and usually unpleasant, will take place.

The ability to achieve the proper mental state is the mark of a wizard or witch. Magic can be achieved without a wand or words, and this is how wizards are discovered among Muggle families. Magic will manifest itself in reaction to stress, but it is uncontrolled and may be dangerous to the individual or bystanders.

The words and wands give a user of magic the fine control needed to accomplish the proper magic at the appropriate time. The words help to strengthen the mental image of the desired end, and the wand is the conduit for the flow of magic.

This interaction is the reason care should be taken in the selection of a wand. The wand must be attuned to the mind of the user to produce the most efficient use of magic.

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