More information on magical animals can be found in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander.

Pets & Familiars

AragogAcromantulaRubeus Hagrid
ArnoldPurple Pygmy PuffGinny Weasley
BarnyFruit batBallycastle's mascot
BuckbeakGrey hippogriffRubeus Hagrid then Sirius Black
CrookshanksOrange tabby tomcat ¹Hermione Granger
ErrolGreat grey owlWeasley family
FangBlack boarhound [Great Dane]Rubeus Hagrid
FawkesPhoenixAlbus Dumbledore
FluffyCerberusRubeus Hagrid
HedwigSnowy owlHarry Potter
HermesScreech owlPercy Weasley
NaginiGiant serpent ²Tom Riddle
NorbertNorwegian Ridgeback dragonRubeus Hagrid
Mrs. NorrisGrey catArgus Filch
Mr. PawsTomcatArabella Figg
PigwidgeonScops owlRon Weasley
RipperBulldogMarge Dursley
ScabbersRat [Animagus Peter Pettigrew]Percy then Ron Weasley
SnowyCatArabella Figg
Mr. TibblesTomcatArabella Figg
TrevorToadNeville Longbottom
TuftyCatArabella Figg
WitherwingsGrey hippogriff ³Rubeus Hagrid

1. He is probably a keazle/Selkirk Rex hybrid.
2. Possibly an "enhanced" Gaboon Viper which has hemotoxic venom known to prevent blood clotting and the longest fangs of any viper.
3. Buckbeak renamed.

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Magical Entities

BaneBlack centaur in Forbidden Forest
Sir Patrick Delaney-PodmoreGhost, leader of the Headless Hunt
DobbyHouse elf [Malfoy's then Hogwarts]
FirenzePalomino centaur & Hogwarts teacher
Ford Angliaoriginally a vintage Muggle two-door, four-passenger turquoise saloon. After the efforts of Arthur Weasley, it became a sentient individual capable of flight, carrying eight in comfort with all of their luggage, and invisibility to a limited degree. Following an extended flight that resulted in it being attacked, Ford Anglia escaped to the Forbidden Forest.
FridwulfaGiantess, Rubeus Hagrid's mother
GolgomathGiant, current Gurg (leader) of the giants
GrawpGiant, Rubeus Hagrid's half-brother
KreacherHouse elf [Black's]
MagorianChestnut centaur, leader of the Forbidden Forest herd
Moaning MyrtleGhost in Hogwarts' plumbing killed by a basilisk, one of Riddle's first victims
MosagAcromantula, wife of Aragog in the Forbidden Forest
MurcusChieftainess of the merpeople in Hogwarts' lake
PeevesPoltergeist at Hogwarts
RagnokGoblin, head of Gringott's Bank
RonanRoan centaur in Forbidden Forest
TenebrusThestral, first one born in Forbidden Forest
WinkyHouse elf [Crouch's then Hogwarts]

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