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No XSkeptic's Dictionary: Sources and resources covering an multitude of crackpot ideas.

JupiterThe Planets: Great graphics and general information about our solar system.

I = YaDictionaries On-Line: Learn how to say 'That is not my goat' in Lett.

US shaped FlagU.S. Gazetteer: Maps and census data for the United States and U.S. Territories.

National Library of MedicineMedline: A National Library of Medicine search engine for MedLine, medicine on the Web.

MedicineNetMedicineNet: A less technical medical site than MedLine.

Moai StatuesAnthropology: Web Anthropology resources.

HieroglyphArchæology: The Web Site of the Society of American Archæology.

ShakespeareShakespeare: The Bard's complete works on-line.

Medieval BirdMedieval Text: Public domain text versions of Classical and Medieval literature.

QuotesBartlett's Quotations: The 1901 edition of this standard resource.


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